Which app can help set a flat rate for bundled items in my online thrift store?

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I am trying to relaunch my online thrift store. My father gave me the idea of selling clothing in bundles instead of individually. But I prefer being able to do both.


Instead of creating the bundles myself I want customers to create bundles themselves and pay a flat rate for each bundle regardless of how much each individual item may be. I don't want each item to have a percentage taken off, or a percentage taken off for the entire cart, because that percentage would have to be different for every cart to come to the same price.


For example: If a customer puts 5 items of clothing in a cart and individually the total would be $40. I want the price to automatically reduce to $25. and if a different customers cart totalled $60 for 5 items I want the price to also automatically reduce to $25. 


Is there an app that can automatically adjust the percentage taken off to always come to the same price every time X amount of items are added to a cart?

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Yes, you can try my app, BYOB - Build Your Own Bundle. It can help you to set a fixed price discount, e.g select any n products from a collection, get a discounted price. 


Feel free to take a look at our sample bundle.

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Wondering if you tried this app to do your discounts and how it worked. I'm looking to offer a permanent buy one/get one with my products, but I also want new subscribers to be able to apply product discounts and I'm looking for a way to be able to mix two product discounts, Or create bundled products with my buy one get one.