Which app can notify about manual changes in Shopify inventory?

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I sell hair, is there any app that can be integrated with Shopify to notify if there are any manual adjustments on product quantity, any recommendations?

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Why don't you simply update the quantity of product in shopify if there are manual adjustments? Need more information before we can help you

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If you're in the hair business and want to stay on top of any manual adjustments made to your product quantities, Shopify's App Store has some handy inventory management solutions that can help you track changes and receive notifications in real-time.

Consider exploring apps like Stocky, TradeGecko, or Stitch Labs. These tools seamlessly integrate with Shopify and offer features to efficiently manage inventory. They provide notifications whenever there are alterations in stock levels, including manual adjustments, ensuring you're always in the loop.

Another option to check out is OrderlyEmails. Though it's mainly known for improving email templates, it also offers features to notify you about changes in inventory. You can set up customized email alerts specifically for manual adjustments in product quantities.

When picking an app, think about the specific features you require, like real-time tracking, notification customization, and ease of integration with Shopify. Take some time to review each app's features and user feedback to find one that aligns best with your business needs.

Before installing any app, it's a good idea to explore if they offer free trials or limited-feature free plans. This allows you to test their functionality and see if they're a good fit for your business before committing to a subscription.Hope this helps.Thanks

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You may be able to just do this in shopify-flow using the action: product-variant-inventory-quantity-changed.


You'd have to spend time experimenting to see if it exposes the adjustment reason.


There's also the usemechanic app for scripting more robust custom automations



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