Which app can provide both quantity discounts and fixed price offers?

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Hi I need some help finding an app that allows me to do the 2 offers below, at the moment I'm finding apps can either do one or the other, or it tries to offer the user the wrong deal. I'm not sure if maybe it might just be easier using discount codes, but it would be great to have an app that done it all.


Offer 1

A discount depending on how many products a user is buying in total, for example, buy 5+ products and get 20% off. The key part is it doesn't need to be 5+ of a single product, but 5+ of ANY product in the entire store. If someone bought 2 of Product A and then 3 of Product B they would qualify for the discount.


Offer 2

A fixed price offer, Such as buy any 3 products in the store for £30.




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Hi @rimmyk 

I think you should try Quantity Break & Tiered Price app by Solvercircle. This app provides you a way to launch discount programs on the purchased quantity of items for the customer.

So you can set either amount rate breaks or tiered pricing for different products and collections. Permit your customers to get a discount based totally on the amount of different merchandise they are purchasing. Three extraordinary charge calculation kinds like percent cut-price, fixed price, fixed discount quantity. Besides, you can minimize the quantity sale. Once your store selling, you can take control of the products. How many do customers have to collect for a basket? What is enough number of products for each buyer? Moreover, this app doesn’t create any additional variants. You will also not provide a discount code on your site or for customers.

Hence, for some features have mentioned above, you can believe in this app and make a purchase. When you use it, you will notice more benefits and increase your sales up.

Highlight features

  • Can set quantity price breaks
  • Help customers to get discount
  • Can minimum the quantity sale
  • Don't create any additional variant
  • Don't provide discount code

You can get the app and other quantity discounts apps via this writing 9+ Best Shopify Tiered pricing & Quantity discount Apps 

Hope it helps!

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App Selly can also help you to create offer 1:



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@rimmyk , 

You can achieve both case by using Every Possible Discount app.

You can simply create discounts for Buy X for Y$, Conditional Disconts, etc.

This app does not create any dummy coupon code or draft order checkout, instead it uses Shopify Functions, a recently released feature by Shopify using which all stores can achieve advanced level discount features, which earlier only Shopify Plus stores had access to using Shopify Scripts.

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We just launched a new app, Simple Discounts, to achieve Offer 1. Here's a video to walk you through it:

This discount allows your customers to choose a specific number of products from a collection(s).

 For Offer 2, the feature will be available shortly! Currently, you can allow customers to buy any number of products in the store but at a discount set to the product price rather than a fixed price. Check back in the app soon 🙂 

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hi when the offer 2 is launch?

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Hi Andra0412,


Our app recently releases the discount option "Fixed price" that may work for this case:






★ SELLY UNITED - The front solution to increase sales for online store and POS - https://apps.shopify.com/selly