Which app is this website using?

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what is the name of the app that the reference website is using on the single product page.


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Hello @yawarabbas,

They are using any product option apps to achieve that functionality. You can have something similar to this with the Inkybay - Product Personalizer app. This app has a 'Product option' feature where you can have a swatch display style as your color variants. The main product image will change according to the selected colors from the swatch. And you can also have the size sets.

This app also offers 21 days of free trial time. So you can explore and see if this will work for your business or not. I hope it helps.

Let me know if you want to check this demo product. Thank you

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Hi @yawarabbas,

It appears that rather than utilizing an app, they've opted to develop custom functions.

However, you can achieve similar results by using the Easify Product Options app.

On the reference website, each color represents a distinct product, with links connecting them. When a customer selects a color, they're redirected to the product page corresponding to their choice.

If your store also features separate products and you'd like to link them in a similar manner, you can utilize the Image Swatches option type and Option URL to achieve the same outcome.

Here's an example 🤗:

  • Storefront:





  • App Settings:



Let me know your specific requirements, or reach out to the Easify team via in-app live chat for instant assistance with your setup.

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