Which free app to use for sending post-purchase emails?

Which free app to use for sending post-purchase emails?

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can anyone recommend a free app that I can send customers an email after they have purchased something from my store?  For example a Thankyou email.

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Hi @ozinsignia,


This is Victor from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder app.


Regarding your question, you can definitely achieve this with Shopify email marketing.


You can create and manage automation on your Shopify Marketing page. Automations allow you to set up workflows that send an email to your customers when a specific milestone or trigger has been met.


You can refer to this Shopify guide on how to set it up: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/promoting-marketing/create-marketing/create-marketing-automations


In case you would like to test with some third-party apps, you can check out this list of free apps on thank-you email:

- Email Marketing Follow Up

- Upsell by Email

- UpOrder (formerly Spently)


Hope they are helpful to you.


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It's really easy to do this with Klaviyo, assuming you're already using that as your email ESP. 


Here's an help article for the same: https://help.klaviyo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028872611-How-to-Create-a-Post-Purchase-Flow

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For sending post-purchase thank-you emails, why not try Bonjoro?

Bonjoro: Thank You Videos

It's a budget friendly plugin that allows you to create and send personalized thank-you videos directly to your customers' inboxes. 

Btw, you can easily set up Bonjoro to trigger these video messages based on purchase behavior, so it's super easy to manage and scale it all.

Plus i've heard some stores are seeing huge boosts in repeat sales rates doing this.