Which is better: Shopify Shipping or Shipping Easy?

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Trying to decide which is better to use -- Shopify Shipping or a third party shipping app like Shipping Easy, which is what I currently use because it is what I used before I opened my shopify website about a year ago. Any insight you have would be helpful!

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Hello @tw12 ,


Shopify Shipping is primarily for merchants from the USA and Canada. The main difference here is that you do not create an account with the carrier; instead, Shopify offers a discounted account with the carrier that you can use to process your shipment. This is a good option for merchants who are starting their business.


However, if you already have a negotiated account with the carrier, then I would recommend using your own account to process the shipment and using an app to automate the shipment processing and rates at checkout.


Another point to consider when choosing an app is whether the app allows you to process shipments from the Shopify dashboard or if it is a separate application that requires a separate login. Also, does the app charge you externally, or is it part of your Shopify invoice?


If these points are important to you, I recommend checking out the PH Multi Carrier Shipping label app.

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