Which Up-Sell Apps Allow Custom Design??

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Hello everyone,


Does anyone know which post purchase up-sell apps allow custom page designs?


I'm really struggling to find any. I've spoken with Shopify sales and gotten many recommendations, but none seem to be panning out. 


Any help is appreciated!!



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Hey there, could you please elaborate what do you mean by “custom page design”?

If you mean the Post-purchase page, it is limited by Shopify and can only be used to show some limited elements. 

if you want to customise the thank you page, there are more options available. 


for example provides you a number of useful widgets that you can drag and drop to your thank you page. 


Build thank you page experiences never possible before
Post Purchase Upsell
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Thank you for the quick response!


So we want to be able to use custom CSS or HTML so that the up-sell pages match the designs which we have on our website.


Below is a link to a up-sell page we saw a vendor having on Shopify.


This is exactly what we would like the ability to have on our store.


Image Link - https://ibb.co/2kkPMyp