Who will build this App? Warming customer emails with Ai

Who will build this App? Warming customer emails with Ai

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Integrated Ai with consumer behavior analysis to warm up email lists and build deeper brand connection.


App Idea:

With rising costs of customer acquisition many e-commerce brands are betting on re-orders to validate their ad spends. Many merchants re-engage customers who haven’t purchased in a while based on simplistic criteria like past purchase amounts and order frequency, but they fail to delve deeper into the intricate psychology behind buying behaviors.

We hear a lot about “warming up” customer email lists but the tools we are currently using are just not suited for the job. Imagine an AI-powered app that could transform this process, not by just sending generic promotional emails, but by truly understanding and predicting consumer sentiment and behavior patterns.

This is the vision behind my app idea — a tool designed to revolutionize how e-commerce merchants engage with their customers. Will you be the one to build this?

The Problem: Surface-Level Engagement

Current email marketing strategies for re-engaging past customers rely heavily on basic metrics. For instance, merchants might send emails to those who spent over $100 but haven’t ordered in the past year. While somewhat effective, this approach overlooks the nuanced and often complex reasons why customers shop the way they do.

What if we could go beyond these superficial criteria? What if we could understand the underlying psychological patterns that drive customer behavior? This is where AI steps in, offering a more sophisticated approach — not just personalized but individualized approach to each consumer.

The Solution: AI-Powered Customer Warm-Up

My proposed app leverages AI to identify and analyze behavioral connections and patterns across customer data. By understanding these deeper trends, the app can craft tailored communications that resonate more effectively with customers.

Think of consumer sentiment as waves in the ocean. A surfer doesn’t try to catch every wave; they wait for the right one, which comes in sets. Similarly, our AI would discern the ‘sets’ of customer sentiment, determining the optimal times to engage — and crucially, when to remain silent.

Building Genuine Connections

One key aspect of this approach is to use non-sales information to maintain customer engagement between the waves of buying sentiment. By sharing brand stories, customer success stories, and other content that builds a genuine connection, we ensure that when the buying sentiment returns, our brand is top of mind.

This strategy goes beyond mere personalization; it’s about creating a meaningful connection with customers, fostering loyalty and long-term engagement.

Other apps like “Crystal knows” (chrome extension) have demonstrated the ability for Ai to understand human intent far deeper than even the best sales person can grasp. Crystal knows actually crafts suggestions for emails based on the personality type of the individual you are emailing based on an analysis of their online information to build a "personality type" so that the message lands best based on their individual persona.

The Vision: From Shopify to the World

Initially, this app would be developed for Shopify, given its extensive user base among e-commerce merchants. However, the potential for expansion to other platforms is immense, providing a versatile tool for any online business looking to enhance its customer engagement strategies.

The Goal: A Call to Innovators

My ultimate goal in sharing this idea is to find like-minded individuals and developers who are excited about bringing this vision to life. I believe that together, we can create a tool that not only improves customer re-engagement but also sets a new standard in the industry.

In the long term, I aspire to continue my journey as a creative inventor, developing innovative apps and functionalities for technology as a freelance consultant. Sharing this blog post is the first step in building my goal towards that personal brand and connecting with those who share my passion for innovation and invention.

Join Me 

If this concept resonates with you, let’s connect. Whether you’re a developer looking for your next project or a brand seeking cutting-edge solutions, I’d love to collaborate and bring this vision to reality. Together, we can catch the waves of consumer sentiment and ride them to new heights.

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