Wholesale and Retail Pricing Options | Setting Individual Prices on Products Instead of Discounts

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Hi, we have a website with multiple login options for wholesale and retail customers. We want to use an app or a system that allows us to set individual prices on products instead of discounts. 

For example, we want to set product X at $33.78 for retail customers and $21.87 for wholesale customers. There are multiple apps offering the option of discounts,  however we want to be able to add static prices instead of percentages. 

Also, we are going to have multiple tiers of customers e.g., Bronze, Gold, Platinum and we would like to be able to set static prices for specific products. 

Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.



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With Syncee you do not have to worry about the tiresome manual update of your product prices because you can add fixed or percentage-based margin to your products in bulk. Moreover, you can create price ranges to establish a tiered pricing model.


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Hi there,

Wholesale Bear might be a good fit - we support $ off discounts (not just percentages).

You can add different discount tiers on the product / collection level to different customer groups (silver, gold, platinum ...)

In addition, we support these key features:

  • Wholesale pricing based on customers tags
  • Net terms orders
  • Custom shipping rates
  • Discount rounding
  • Target specific countries
  • Pricing time limits
  • Tax exempt
  • Analytics
  • Themes 2.0 compatible!

PS - we're giving out 1000 free for life licenses to celebrate our launch month. So, you can give it a try at zero risk.



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