Wholesale App and ShopPay issues

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Hi! I'm having some problems with ShopPay and our wholesale app.  We're trying to keep ShopPay available for regular customers but hide ShopPay options from wholesale customers until they are into the checkout, since it pushes them out of the standard checkout process and removes their discount.  


I can hide the buttons based on the customers login tags, which is working but for customers that are previously logged into ShopPay, Shopify is automatically routing these customers to the ShopPay checkout.  


Does anyone have any ideas that could help? Thanks!

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Hi @edhyp 
As such this wont be possible because Shopify by defualt will route its existing client through ShopPay only. 
Either you can disable the ShopPay permanently or you can check with ShopPay if they can help you with this. 

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