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Wholesale App with custom discounts, Wholesale Multi-Currency Checkout and Custom Rounding.

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Hey everyone,


Sorry if I am not posting this in the correct area.  New to this whole thing. 


I'm looking for a very unique solution. I didn't think it was, but it seems no one can help.  I'm desperate for a solution.


We've been doing wholesale now for a few years.  It's all manually done and very painful.  We have wholesale customers based in the US and also in Canada.  Our default currency is CDN.  I want to be able to charge my US customers in USD and my Canadian customers in CDN. Ideally I would like to do this through 1 website.  The problems I am running into are as follows:


1) I need to be able to custom round the conversion so that my US customers aren't seeing a different price every-time they log into the wholesale site.  I can't afford Shopify plus and recently shopify revoked the use of Bold Cashier meaning, the only other app I have found that did custom rounding was Bold Multi-Currency, now won't work as it only integrated with Bold Cashier. 


2) I have basically two products I offer wholesale, each with a different discount, but the same minimum.  E.g. Product A retails for $30, but if you buy 20 you get it for $15 each.  I have product B that retails for $20, but you get it for $12 each if you buy 20. You can also mix and match Product A & B for a combined 20 to get the respective discount of each. Meaning if a customer buys 18 of Product A and 2 of Product B, they would still be able to get 18 of Product A at $15 each and 2 of Product B @ $12 each.  Or if they bought 10 and 10 they would get 10 of Product A @ $15 and 10 of Product B @ $12 each. 


The problem here is I can't seem to find an app that allows me to set the discounted price. I've found apps that allow mix and match with a set % or a set $ value off both items of A & B , but in the example above, the % is not the same between the products, nor is the $ off. I can't change this either on my products as the margins will be too high or too low if I do it differently. 


3)This one goes hand in hand with number 1, but I need a multi-currency feature that allows Checkout in other currencies.  I've asked shopify support many times for others and they just keep recommending apps that are just display ones. I need one that actually Charges in the local currrency.. specifically I only need CDN to USD. Again I also need the custom rounding rules. 


4) Lastly.  I need all these apps to work together.  I had Wholesale All in One installed with the ability to do #2 for me.  I also had Bold Multi-Currency and Bold Cashier installed to do #3 and #1,  however Wholesale all in one didn't integrate with Bold Cashier.  Just as I was investigating getting some custom work done, Shopify revoked the use of Cashier so this is no longer an option. 


We currently run 1 full out e-commerce store - and are now looking to setup a wholesale store to automate some of the wholesale orders we are getting.  It would be ideal to avoid opening two more stores, 1 Cdn wholesale and 1 USD wholesale. This was one solution presented to me, but this means doubling up apps and paying for three stores.  Would like to avoid this, but also need to do something to automate these orders.   Additionally, as mentioned earlier, I know shopify has all the capabilities I'm asking for, but they limit to the big companies with shopify plus who can afford people to do custom sites and don't even need these features.  


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I've been stuck for a while now and am getting quite frustrated. 







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There is an instruction about multi currency, hope this helps:

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Thank you for sending this, but this doesn’t help at all. This explains how to set up multi-currency and that isn’t the issue at hand. Please see the above issues.

Thanks for the info though.
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Hi @camocam,


Dani here from Shopify. Thanks for writing in!


I'll answer questions 1 and 3 together. Are you currently using Shopify Payments in your store? This will resolve both of these issues. With the multi-currency feature within Shopify, you can set rounding rules based on the country. For example, after the conversion from CAD to USD, each price can be rounded up to end in $0.99. With the multi-currency feature, your US customers will be able to check out in USD and prices will automatically be displayed in USD based on the customer's IP address. You can read more about this feature of Shopify Payments in our Help Centre here.


Using Shopify Payments may resolve question 2 as well since you would then be able to Wholesale All In One again. Alternatively, I'd also suggest looking into Locksmith. Locksmith is a powerful wholesale app that will allow you to set a variety of rules and locks for your customers. Using Locksmith would actually allow you to have a wholesale section of your current store. Once your wholesale customers log in they will see the "locked" collections that are only available to them based on their customer tags. You can also create different tiers of wholesale customers if this interests you.


This would also solve question 4 since you would only be using 1 app in conjunction with Shopify Payments.


Please let me know if you have any further questions. I'd be happy to continue helping you.


All the best,



Dani | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Dani,


Thank you so much for addressing each issue.  These options sound great, however my understanding of rounding rules with shopify payments is that they are not allowed unless you are on shopify plus plan.  I can't afford that.  I've tried the suggestion and, unless I'm doing it wrong, there are only two options with the shopify payments multi-currency.  Option 1 is that is auto rounds to the nearest whole number.  I don't want this because I have specific pricing for my US customers.  Option 2 is turn rounding off.  This leaves the item to be subject to different rounding everyday and is completely dependent upon the market.  This would mean that my US customers would see a different price everyday.  This won't work either as, again, I have specific pricing set.  I don't believe you can set the rounding unless you have shopify plus correct?  If I am misunderstanding, I would love some more help on this if you are willing because your solution does sound like it would work if I could custom round to set the prices as needed. 

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Hi @camocam  , were you able to solve the problem you were facing? If yes which app did you end up using or if no, are you still facing it or used some in-house solution?