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Hello everyone,

I am looking for a good wholesale app that can:

- show different prices to logged in wholesale users

- can have a custom registration form.

I tried to use Wholesale Gorilla but they were rather disappointing. I was told to use another form builder but there is no way to connect the new form with this app, and support wasn't helpful at all. So I am looking for another paid app with excellent support and the right set of features. Thanks

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Sounds like Wholesale Pricing Discount should work for you, I've used a couple apps from those guys they have good wholesale solutions.

For a custom registration form, can edit your customer account template directly in your theme: https://shopify.dev/themes/architecture/templates/customers-register.

For this: I was told to use another form builder but there is no way to connect the new form with this app

I would first define what you mean by "connect the new form to the app".

Once you know what data you want to add to the customer object (what you see in Customers in your admin), for example a certain tag, or add something to their notes, etc, then you can see whether you can edit the theme code or if you need to build a custom app specifically for your store to edit data beyond what's available in the theme. If you need help from a developer for either functionality reach out to my team at speedboostr.com/contact, we edit themes and build apps.

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Hi @Vik9  It sounds like you may be looking for a more wholesale specific solution. I would recommend Wholster in this case, which is an enterprise level B2B toolset available to all Shopify merchants. It includes the custom registration form that you have indicated requiring here.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to the team that made Wholster at support@gist-apps.com