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we are looking for a wholesale app that will allow multiple products be added to the cart vs one by one.  We have found a few that do this but they all work off discounts off retail which is not a standard percentage for us so we just need the wholesale (cost) to populate for our customers that login in as wholesale.  The below example works like we want it to work but it will only show the retail price or a set percentage off of retail, but we don't use a set percentage, we would just like it populate with our wholesale without having to change our current wholesale app provider.  Any suggestions or referrals?




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Hello @ajsla ,

You can achieve same with the app you are using. You have to change the layout of the loop and enable 'add to cart' 


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Hi @ajsla It sounds like you may be looking for a more wholesale specific solution. I would recommend Wholster in this case, which is an enterprise level B2B toolset available to all Shopify merchants. It includes a quick bulk-ordering interface which you seem to be looking for.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to the team that made Wholster at support@gist-apps.com


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Thank you
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We have an App that will provide a stand-alone Wholesale store for your invited wholesale buyers. It is linked on the backend to your retail offerings. Manage your products in one place and provide unique experiences for your retail and wholesale buyers. Your wholesale customers can bulk add to our custom checkout, assign PO numbers, and checkout by CC or terms you set. 

There is way more to it but I think this will solve for your need. 





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Hi there,

Wholesale Bear might just be what you're after.

The app includes an intuitive and quick add to cart layout:

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 14.32.37.png

You can match different customer groups with different prices (or not have any discounts at all).

It has other built in powerful features like custom shipping, tax exempt orders and more.

As a side note - its plug and play, so you could launch right away.

Wholesale Bear does not add any theme code or requires a manual integration.


Last note - 

We're giving away 1000 free for life licenses during our launch month, so if you get it now, you'll be able to use it with no costs.



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