Why am I getting a 401 Unauthorized error on Shopify's App Bridge?

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I'm having a 401 unauthorization error on our shopify-remix app.

Before April, the application we were working on was working properly, no errors or anything. No unauthorizations. Now this April, this 401 error has haunted us for 2 days now. I don't know why but the initiator of the error came from app-bridge.js. At first I thought it will just be solved by reinstallation, npm run config:link and use, reauthentication of the account, clearing cache and builds but to no avail, the 401 error just keeps on popping back.



Following this, I tried to remove any app bridge packages including app bridge types, still doesnt work, so what I tried is to use the app-bridge-react only, still not working. I've updated all the packages to their newest stable versions, refactored codebase to reflect changes on the shopify-remix-template. Still the same error. 

Lastly, what I've tried is just clone the repo and push it to another app on another organization and yes, it is now working. It is not throwing any 401 errors, just 403 (the one we were working require some permissions directly by shopify to be approved). I wonder what happened, why did I get 401 unauthorization on the current app we are working? Can someone help me please.

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