Why am I getting a 401 Unauthorized error when using Remix App?

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I'm getting 401 Unauthorized when creating a new app using Remix



This is the instruction I'm following (I'm stuck at step 3) https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/getting-started/create

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I do not know if this is still relevant but I also spent half a day investigating the same issue.
Already tried everything up to reinstalling the node and creating a new account in Shopify.
The interesting thing is that on the Mac everything works fine, but not in Ubuntu.
The answer here(stackoverflow) saved my day

I found the solution for "Error: Failed to parse session token '******' jwt expired" the problem was Computer Time was not synchronized, check the computer time and synchronized it, for my example, I'm on Kali Linux and I search it how to synchronize time on Kali Linux and follow that tutorial when you finally synchronize your time restart your application server and try again. That's it so dump I lost 4 days on this.

Nick Tytarenko