Why am I getting a JWT token error in my Node.js and React app?

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I followed the "Build a Shopify App with Node.js and React", and I am having some errors regarding JWT token Error...





In Console:

Error: Failed to parse session token

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I'm  having the same issue.

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Same issure here.

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There are some workarounds on this page. https://github.com/Shopify/shopify-node-api/issues/137#issuecomment-817139545

Syncing my time worked for me.

Would be nice to have some clockTolerance somewhere in the file.

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As Teeto said it can be linked to clock sync. For instance on windows 11 the fix can be as simple as manually synchronizing time in the "time & language" settings.



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Thanks. Syncing the clock fixed the issue. 


I had to stop syncing the clock a while back to do some testing in a different time zone. And after that I kept getting these stupid errors. 

None of my colleagues where getting them so it was very frustrating 🙂 


A bit hard to connect clock syncing with this error. 



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I was getting this error on my Shopify App in dev which had been working fine the last couple weeks.  Due to comment in this thread about time, I realized there a time change 2 days ago ( move clocks 1 hour back ).  So I restarted my macbook and that fixed the issue.