Why am I getting a login error when connecting Prisma to SQL server?

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I am trying to connect with SQL server locally with Prisma but getting the following error. I would appreciate any help.
After running:
npx prisma generate and npx prisma db pull 

Error :- Introspecting based on data source defined in prisma\schema.prisma

Error: Login failed for user 'MyShopify'.


Expected behavior

pull all the tables out from database and populate schema. Prisma

Prisma information

datasource db {

provider = "sqlserver"

url = env("DATABASE_URL")


generator client {

provider = "prisma-client-js"


DATABASE_URL = sqlserver://localhost:1433;database=DBName;user={Myuser};password={mypassword};TrustServerCertificate=true;encrypt=true


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