Why am I getting a 'required field missing' error on my TikTok marketing form?

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Hi-I'm trying to fill out the form to connect my store to TikTok Marketing and when I try to submit it I keep getting the message "required field is missing".
The form is filled out and while I notice there is no space to put my city, so I added it in the st. address section, but it makes no difference. And yes, I've selected the radio button for payment option below it.  I've tried this on both my phone and a desktop and two different browsers.  IDK what is happening.
Can anyone assist?

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Hi @Kitler 


Thank you for the screenshot! Sometimes with these kinds of pop up windows there are fields that are hidden out of view. A few things to try:


  • Ensure you are checking for a scroll down to see if there are any hidden fields
  • Change the browser page view zoom to 50-75% before opening the pop up window so you can see more of the window within itself. 
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Tiktok app. 


If none of that is resolving the issue please reach out to our live support to report this! 

Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thanks for getting back to me.

Since everything else on this installation was good, I was loathe to uninstall the app completely. It had already populated my store so I knew part of it was working correctly.

I was finally able to solve this issue by going to TikTok's Business dashboard and completing it. The issue on the Shopify end is that this form has a couple of fields that are not visible *at all* on this form and do not exist until you fill out the state info. On the TT side, when you select your state, the form then *generates* a field with a pulldown for "County" then it generates a field for "City" and then the form is complete. No matter which device or browser I used, these fields would not generate on the Shopify side and it would not accept (the incomplete yet completely invisible) form.

It's all good to go now.
Thanks again.

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how do you get to the dashboard???