Why are certain product fields missing in my Shopify API response?

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I am using the Shopify Product.All REST API to retrieve all products from my store. I have observed that these specific fields are not included in the response of the REST API. However, when I manually export products from Shopify to a CSV file, these fields are present, and they contain data. But when I use the API to retrieve the data, these fields are not included in the response.

  1. Product Category
  2. SEO Title:
  3. SEO Description:
  4. Google Shopping / Google Product Category:
  5. Google Shopping / Gender:
  6. Google Shopping / Age Group:
  7. Google Shopping / MPN:
  8. Google Shopping / Condition:
  9. Google Shopping / Custom Product:
  10. Google Shopping / Custom Label 0:
  11. Google Shopping / Custom Label 1:
  12. Google Shopping / Custom Label 2:
  13. Google Shopping / Custom Label 3:
  14. Google Shopping / Custom Label 4:
  15. Variant Tax Code:
  16. Cost per item:
  17. Included / International
  18. Price / International:
  19. Compare At Price / International:
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Hi Muhammad,


These fields are available through the API but they're not stored directly on the product object so you'll need to make some additional API calls to get the data for the products:

  • The SEO and Google Shopping fields are stored as product metafields so you'll need to look at the metafields for each product to get those
  • The Product Category is only available through the GraphQL API, in the standardizedProductType field
  • The Cost and tax info are available on the InventoryItem object. You can find the inventory item's ID by looking at each variant for the inventory_item_id field
  • The international pricing is available through the GraphQL Markets API

If you want to download all the data for each products for a store another thing to checkout would be the GraphQL bulk operation API so you can get everything at once.




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Daniel pretty much covered it all.


For the SEO title/description and Google Shopping metafields specifically, here's a list of metafield namespaces and keys: https://www.highviewapps.com/kb/how-do-i-export-fields-from-shopifys-google-shopping-app/

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