Why are my TikTok orders not syncing correctly with pricing?

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I have a problem with my TikTok orders syncing to Shopify. I'm running a sale on TikTok shop and whenever I receive an order it shows full price on Shopify. It's messing with my Shopify analytics because customers didn't really pay this full price on TikTok shop. How can I fix this?

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what I came across is the discount issue

I'm not sure if this can solve your problem https://support-feed.automizely.com/en/article/tiktok-shop-platform-discount-rules-1dfh0w5/

btw, AfterShip is quite good, they helped me a lot

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Hi Maisaker, did you ever find a solution? I am struggling with the same thing and Tiktok and Shopify CS keep blaming the other company leaving me stuck in the middle with a really confusing data situation.