Why can't I access ShopifyAPI rest constants with Ruby on Rails 7 and shopify_app gem 21.4?

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Hello, started creating a new app using rails 7, ruby 3.2.0 using the latest version of shopify_app(21.4) gem. For some reason, I cannot access ShopifyAPI rest constants. When I open rails console and try to call it, it says that there is no such constant. 

uninitialized constant ShopifyAPI::Shop (NameError)

Looks like it is partially loaded, but resources are missing:


And the same with all resources. What may be the reason?

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I am also facing the same problem, i cannot access store in my rails console. If any body has solution kindly share

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You have to call `ShopifyAPI::Context.setup` first


In my project, I had the file 'config/intializers/shopify_app.rb' containing some boiler plate code which requires api key and secret to be configured. You may be missing these when you run the rails console


Rails.application.config.after_initialize do
if ShopifyApp.configuration.api_key.present? && ShopifyApp.configuration.secret.present?