Why can't I use multiple promo codes on Shopify?

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Shopify wont seem to let me use more than one promo code at a time. 


I have 2. 

1 that gives a bundle when they select two items

but I also have another promo that gives then something free when they spend over a certain amount


I have the app

all-in-1 discount in cart but it doesn't work and its paid


I searched shopify and they said that they do allow promo code combinations.

I have made the codes applicable to be used with other products still they don't both go on the page why?


The customer has to choose and if they meet the criteria they should get it.

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Hi Ambientcandle19,


  1. Are these discount codes, or automatic discounts?
  2. Are these product discounts, order discounts, or shipping discounts? Are both discounts the same type?

I would recommend reading Shopify's "Discount combinations" article, which explains all the rules for combining discounts:




Depending on your answers to 1 and 2, it might make it clear why you're not able to use more than 1 promo code at a time.


Also, if you're trying to set up a bundle offer, then you might be better off using a bundle app, instead of just plain discounts.