Why don't my cart notes appear in the Buy Button JS orders?

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I use Shopify Buy Button JS and I added a comment to the cart.
But there is no information in the order

No notes from customer'


"cart": {
    "styles": {
        "button": {
            "font-size": "18px",
            "padding-top": "17px",
            "padding-bottom": "17px",
            "border-radius": "40px"
    "text": {
        "total": "Subtotal",
        "notice": "Local Delivery added at checkout. Delivery will display as \"Ship\" on the Information Page. ",
        "button": "Checkout",
        "noteDescription": "type your text here"


I enabled cart notes in the theme settings and it works on the site, but it doesn't work for Buy Button JS.


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