Why is my Alibaba dropship fulfilment sync not working properly?

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Hi all, 


I currently ship a combo of locally stocked and alibaba dropship products. It’s all been working well up until 7 days ago. Orders come through and are being sent through to alibaba with no issue, however the sync on fulfilment and tracking has stopped working, so my order dashboard is filling up with unfulfilled orders (that have actually been shipped) this is causing big problems with my customer notifications and they are not receiving any tracking information, which is then result in a bank up of customer enquires. I’ve flagged this with both alibaba and shopify but neither party have been willing to take responsibility or provide any solutions so far. As each day goes by and more orders come in this problem is becoming bigger. 

Is anyone else out there experiencing similar and/or has any solutions?

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Yes I am having the same issue and have been unable to reach shopify. There customer service is the worst I have experienced.