Why is my eBay app not syncing with Shopify correctly?

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Hi, I am having issues accessing the Ebay app through Shopify. I had this about 6 weeks ago, then the sales stopped syncing and Shopify and Ebay would not help. I ended up having to delete Ebay from shopify and reinstall and relink all of my products which took hours! 

The url keeps flicking between ebay/dashboard, ebay/connected-incomplete, ebay/ebay-authorize.  And nothing at all comes on the screen 😞 


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Try submitting a request directly with eBay app developers.

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Thank you I'll do that 

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I would suggest you visit the Shopify App store and search for a third-party app Integration for eBay. All you need to do is enter eBay in the search bar and select from a list of apps that appear as the search result based on the features that you find useful and fulfilling for your business. 


Usually, these integration apps provide great services like real time synchronization of Shopify and eBay, management of products, orders, and inventories, creation of new and updation of existing business policies, and listing products on eBay a piece of cake


These apps also come with impeccable customer support that can help you get through all the tough times and technical glitches that you might ever face. 


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You should look for an eBay third-party app integration in the Shopify App store. All you have to do is type "eBay" into the search field and then pick an app from a selection based on the characteristics that appeal to you and make sense for your business.


These connection tools often offer top-notch features, including accessible product listing on eBay, real-time Shopify and eBay synchronization, administration of items, orders, and stocks, and establishment of new and updated corporate policies.


Additionally, these applications offer first-rate customer service that will assist you in overcoming any difficulties or technical issues.