Why is my image upload API returning an empty JSON?

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Hello, I am trying to upload an image for a product via API, I am doing the test via postman with the following data


post url: https://my-shop-name.myshopify.com/admin/api/2024-01/products/productid/images.json


Headers : X-Shopify-Access-Token : shop-api-key


Body json 



	"image": {
		"position": 1,
		"metafields": [
				"key": "new",
				"value": "newvalue",
				"type": "single_line_text_field",
				"namespace": "global"
		"attachment": "base64.string",
		"filename": "primera_imagen.jpg"

The problem is that the message returns ok 200 but the result is an empty json





any idea what could be happening?


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