Why is my inventory glitching in EASY ECOM with Shopify integration?

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Hi all, we are using EASY ECOM (third party app) for managing our inventory. We listed Shopify as one of the MP there. Last 3 days - we are facing an inventory glitch in Shopify. Basically, we have no qty in Easy Ecom and locked the inventory in the same tool for SKUs. In Shopify, time to time, it is adding qty - for products that has no stocks - in (On hand block and allocate/ allowing customers to place orders that has no stocks with us and orders moved to committed category). We were unable to process the orders as we had no physical stocks with us and it is moving to order failures in the EASY ECOM tool where we are fulfilling & integrated all our courier partners & process the order.


We checked with EASY ECOM team, they are saying there is no issues from their end.

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