Why is my store still under review after Facebook integration?

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Just over a week ago I went to integrate Facebook with my shop so I could start running Facebook ads for my store. I completed all the information and got the message 'Your shop is in review'. I waited for a week and nothing, until I saw someone suggest to remove the Facebook channel app and then re-install it. 

I did that and went through the process of filling out the information again, and I've still got the same message 'Your shop is in review'.

What do I do? I want to run Facebook ads to start driving traffic to my store but I can't run ads as my ad account is disabled until this review is completed as far as I'm aware. If there's another way I'd be more than happy to know it.

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Hello @GamerStore,

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Did you contact the Facebook support team? If not, it's better to check with them.

Meanwhile, can you log into your Facebook page and check whether you are able to see the products under "shop"?

Hope this helps.


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Standard Answer.. we came here to get fast answer, but you somehow redirect us to anywhere but here... its a waste of time to event have to told you that..

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Exactly, I have the exact same issue and its been over a week. Ive spoke to 7 different people through both the meta support email and from shopify help center. Still nothing and my shop is still in review. Absolutely useless and ive lost money because of the whole process and they do nothing about it except tell you what you know and redirect you. So lost man.

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My store also in review last 8 days. Your store is still in reviewed or is now active. If active then can you help me for active my store.