Why is Shopify not fully integrating with SixBit software?

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I am not sure why Shopify has decided to cut off SixBit from your API.  SixBit is one of only 15 companies that eBay lists as a Gold Provider for 3rd party applications.


We have used SixBit since eBay’s Blackthorne was retired about 7 years ago and it’s a great program and the only eBay Listing & Inventory programs that runs on desktop not online.  We like that we can continue working in SixBit even when the internet is down.  We have over 73,000 listings in SixBit.  We keep all of our inactive listings in there and “revive” them if we get any of those back in stock.  Saves us loads of time.  Frankly, I love Sixbit!  It has many options and features we have integrated into our process flow.  Matter of fact it is our process flow!


Currently SixBit can upload listings to Shopify, but it can’t download any orders from Shopify.  I am stuck hand entering every Shopify sale, posting the tracking number and marking it shipped in order for the sync of inventory counts to eBay to work.  It’s our slow season and I can handle it now, but we sell boat parts and we’ll be starting an upward climb on the number of orders we get per day.  I won’t be able to keep this up for much longer.


We picked Shopify as we knew that Sixbit was going to work on the integration with Shopify.  We even Beta Tested it during our busiest months of the summer.  When we signed on with Shopify they advertised that their API would be open for anyone to use for integration.  I believe that they still advertise that now.  I feel cheated of my time and investment in your platform and feel Shopify used false advertising.


I really doubt SixBit will do another website integration after their experience of having their Shopify integration pulled.  I don’t really blame them, but we are left out in the cold and will have to invest loads of time and money into another inventory system that will not be as good as what we already have!


I hope that they reconsider this terrible decision as I am currently feeling that we should leave Shopify and find another platform all together.

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Any luck with this? I've been curious about integration between Shopify and eBay. It seems like a lot of people use SixBit.