Why is ShopPay overriding other payment options in my online store?

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I found too many customers were complaining about our PayPal option not being available and we also have some additional manual payment gateways that were not appearing. Why? It took me a while to figure it out. When customers have an account in our store, upon logging in on mobile with their credentials, there is a pop up from ShopPay asking them to sign in and enter their two factor authentication code. This is a very aggressive move on Shopify's behalf. After logging into ShopPay, ShopPay controls the check out if you have Shop Pay enabled in your store. What that meant for us was lost sales as our e-transfer payment option, PayPal payment option and our option for use of credit to be billed for an order were all removed and replaced with a hyperlink to 'checkout as a guest'. Nobody wanted to continue as a guest but if they had clicked the hyperlink, you would be signed out of ShopPay and the additional payment options would appear. What Shopify should put as the hyperlink text is 'Sign Out of ShopPay to use alternate payment options' but Shopify's appetite for processing payments, which is where they make their money, has I believe overstepped their reach. I have since disabled ShopPay in our checkout and things are running much smoother. As a consequence of me doing so, I am no longer meeting the requirements for our products to migrate to Shop which I am fine with. Do your research before taking the same steps I did.


I've added photos of the ShopPay pop up and the hyperlink in our checkout for those who would like to test their site for the same dysfunctional check out.  


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