Why is the eBay integration app closing on the 31st?

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Why is the ebay integration being shut down on the 31st and is it being replaced with something else?

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Thank you for your post, I'm happy to share some more information. 


The eBay sales channel will be discontinued on December 31, 2022 as eBay has made the decision to no longer support the official eBay app. There are a range of alternatives available on the Shopify App Store. Some suggested alternatives you can consider include:



I recommend reading the descriptions and reviews for these apps and choosing the one that works best for you and your business. 


Please let me know if you have any more questions!


Greta | Shopify 
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Nearly all of these cost more than my shopify subscription - and most of the reviews aren't great. It really is disappointing when the reason I chose shopify was because of the ebay integration.

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They have both done us dirty here. I have tried the CED one its rubbish, tried Inkfrog rubbish, Im still trying to find one that works I sell over 20,000 different product lines and the amount of work this is going to take is staggering. BAD SHOW FROM SHOPIFY 

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I wonder if they are separate entities even, or the same product in different boxes? I installed CED to have a look, but got an email from inkfrog saying that they'd failed to push an ebay order. I hadn't tried inkfrog at all, and didn't want to. So I uninstalled CED, and tried Codisto. After a week or so, I get another email from inkfrog saying they'd failed to push another ebay order ...


I only have about 500 products and it's staggering; can't imagine having to go through this with 20,000! Good luck!

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Josh here from Codisto Support.


As Greta has mentioned, the official eBay integration will be shut down on December 31, 2022. This is quite the news! As a result of this decision from eBay, we're actually seeing a wave of new customers transition into using Codisto:




The Codisto omnichannel app is a powerful tool that allows several integration features with supported sales channels so you can manage listings, fulfill orders, and synchronize inventory from your online store dashboard. Supported Sales Channels include eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Kogan, and Google, and the omnichannel app allows you to manage all of them in one place, synchronizing information on your listings across all your accounts.


You can start with a 14-day free trial with all features available for use, including syncing inventory levels and listing information, and order fulfillment. Feel free to look around the app's Knowledge Base for the basic guides and how-tos:




Also, feel free to send an email to support@codisto.com if you prefer to have an onboarding session via Google Meet with your preferred date, time, and time zone. We'll look to make the switch easy so you'd be familiar with using Codisto in no time, keeping your eBay store integrated with Shopify as though this news never felt like a concern.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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I'm surprised that so many stores are now facing the issue of having to switch to a paid app but nobody seems to be able to recommend an app that they are totally happy with. My store is small and paying a monthly subscription is not ideal. There has to be a decent solution somewhere

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As eBay has decided to stop providing the official eBay app, the eBay sales channel will now be shut down on December 31, 2022. On the Shopify App Store, a number of choices are offered. We at CedCommerce are currently witnessing a surge of new customers convert towards using CedCommerce's Integration for eBay as a consequence of this move by eBay.


The software is a potent tool that lets you manage numerous eBay accounts and improves your selling experience with a number of integration capabilities that assist you in managing listings, completing orders, and synchronising inventory from your store. By synchronising information about your listings throughout all of your accounts, the app enables you to manage all of your selling accounts from a single location.


All capabilities, including synchronising stock levels and listing details and order fulfilment, are available during the trial period. 


If you would rather schedule an onboarding meeting through Calendly, please provide the time and day. We'll try to make the transition simple so you can quickly become accustomed to utilising CedCommerce's eBay connection.


We hope to hear from you very soon!