Why is the response to a graphql HTTP request from my redirected consumer always 400?

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Just like  PaymentSessionRedirect 


My HTTP request body is:

{"query":"mutation paymentSessionRedirect($id: ID!, $redirectUrl: URL!) {\n paymentSessionRedirect(id: $id, redirectUrl: $redirectUrl) {\n paymentSession {\n }\n userErrors {\n field\n message\n }\n }\n}\n","variables":{"redirectUrl":"https://checkout1.uat.useepay.com/v3/secure?token\u003d6ccc0733-b161-4071-8846-459a93d76b33","id":"gid://shopify/PaymentSession/rmgMML6Rzan18VhFYxXloMnkh"}}



The response code is always 400,and the response msg is “{"query":"Required parameter missing or invalid"}”。


How to deal with it?

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