Why isn't my Fraud Filter app effectively blocking fake orders?

Why isn't my Fraud Filter app effectively blocking fake orders?

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Dear Shopify,

I am using your app named" Fraud Filter" and set some rules to prevent fake/fraud orders but i realized that it is doesn't work at all. can you please advise . because setting up these rules, that customer can order us.Capture.PNG


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Hello Export-mall-com,


I’m sorry to hear that the rules settings you are creating to prevent fraudulent orders are not working as you had hoped. Setting up risk rules to flag any potential fraudsters is crucial to protecting your business. 


If Shopify’s risk rules are not meeting your needs, one solution is to add an extra layer of fraud protection. Why not give our FREE 30 day trial of eComm360 Fraud Prevention a go on the Shopify app marketplace. 


eComm360 provides visibility on your orders and allows you to understand the metadata of the order before you choose to approve or deny it. We also have a risk range which you can customise depending on your appetite for riskier orders.


Feel free to reach out to hello@cybertonica.com, and we’ll be glad to offer any further assistance on how to protect your business against fraud risk. 


Kind Regards,

Naz from eComm360


Combining real-time threat intelligence and order monitoring to prevent fraudulent orders with eComm360. 


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Hi export-mall-com, 

I'm sorry to hear that the fraud filters you have set are not working for you with your existing tool. 

If you are looking to try something new that is easy-to-use, or just add an extra layer of protection, Disputify is a great option and can be downloaded directly from the App Store.

Disputify's Rules Engine allows you to create custom rules and filters based on order attributes you deem to be suspicious and want to review or block. Disputify is free for up to 100 orders per month, otherwise there are some really great value plans, all of which come with a 14-Day trial. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to book in a demo

Hope this helps.

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I have Fraud fikter by the way and to contact them, I end up with you and this is the app that is suppose to check adresses to match the billing adress of the credit card and it does not. So, again this is my problem
What is astonishing is that I rtied to buy on Greyhound a bus ticket and was turned down for not eneting my apt number correctly. I wrote apt when on my credit card it is registered as app. And your lousy app does not even connect the fact the zip is wrong and the names, etc. This person changed her name and adresses woith the same card. What is going on ?