Why you would NOT install a gamified pop-up in your online-shop?

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Hi community, there are many gamified pop-ups on Shopify marketplace. Let´s take a discount wheel, which offers possibility of winning a discount for the buyers´ email. Such aps promise boosting your conversion rate and I have no doubts it works. But obviously not every merchant installs such an app. What are the reasons? Is it because some shops are "serious" and they don´t want make themselves "childish" through gamified pop-up? Or these pop-ups work only for a special target group like people under 30 (again seriouseness factor)?

Please share your thoughts. If you are the shop without a gamified pop-up, what is the reason you do not install it?

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I think it's the paradox of marketing apps. When there are many stores using the trick, it will lose the magic. Just like search ads, social media ads, etc. Visitors are paralyzed with the trick when they see it everywhere. The conversion rate will gradually drop to a low level. And a new marketing app will try to take over. The cycle will repeat. 

As you mentioned, some merchants don't like these gamified pop-ups. The pop-ups look like scams for them. The pop-up branding just doesn't match with the store. 

IMO, the FOMO, wheelio pop-ups are all the same. 

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