Wishlist app that will allow us to create wishlists for customers from admin

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We are offering a concierge-type service for our customers and would like the ability to create wishlists for customers on their behalf. Preferably this can be done in the admin of the website rather than logging in as the customer.

We are currently using the Swym Wishlist Plus app, but we are encountering a lot of issues doing this because of cookies/cache issues, even when we clear our cache, use incognito windows, and use different browsers or computers. We have to log in as the customer to create a wishlist, and we cannot get around this because create a wishlist for a customer on the admin side. We also cannot categorize wishlist items on the back end, which is not as big of a deal as our inability to create and edit wishlists for customers on the back end.

Has anyone found a solution for this? Basically our requirements are:

  • The ability for customers to view and edit their own wishlists on the front end of Shopify (this is easy and lots of apps do this)
  • The ability to create and edit wishlists for customers in the admin of Shopify (this is hard and seems like nobody offers a workable, scalable way of doing this)
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There isn't any app do like this at the moment. I suggest creating a custom app for your site. There are some benefits:

- Easy to customize, upgrade in the future due to we hosted and manage the code. For the publish app, it is not easy to request them to change the core of your shop only. We can understand it. 

- Better speed due to only your shop uses this app.

- Don't need to pay for monthly fees.


Hope this helps.



Vince Nguyen | Ecommerce Consultant at HappyPoints.io
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Looks like a fun project to take on. I can work with you to build it and then release it as a public application (no upfront pay). Let me know if you're interested:


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I think creating wishlist lists for customers would be complicated in the app. If you want to allow customers to create their own lists on the storefront, try this Wishlist Stellar app.