Wordpress integration with Shopify (not buy button)

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I currently have a blog on Wordpress and I would like to create a Shopify store. All of the forum answers and google results I'm finding for this involve using the buy button which I don't want to do. Also several WP plug ins that I found aren't current or don't have a lot of downloads, so I'm worried about using those. 

Ultimately, I would like people to be able to visit my domain and then when they click on SHOP, they are then taken directly to my shopify store. What is the best way to accomplish this? Thank you!

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Hi, kindly drop your wordpress url

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My question is more just a generic one, there is nothing to explain this on my current domain. I am currently using WooCommerce and don't care for it, so I want to build my store in Shopify and have the "SHOP" link on my WP site link to Shopify so people can shop and browse there 

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Hi, @SugarDean!

This is a good question and it's not often asked. If you don't want to use the buy button, you could opt to keep 2 separate sites. One for your blog and one for your store.

Say you have a link in your blog that says "Shop" as you mentioned; you can simply link that over to your Shopify store site.

However, the important aspect to keep in mind is to maintain brand consistency. This builds trust and keeps your customers loyal and coming back.

In order to maintain solid brand identity, you can use any one of our free themes and customize it to contain all the branding elements of your WordPress site. In addition, you can link your domain to Shopify.

This means that your customers will see the same domain whether they are on your WordPress site or on Shopify.

You can use our domain guide on linking subdomains to your Shopify store so that you can point a subdomain such as shop.yourblogdomain.com to your products.

The more seamless the experience appears to your customers, the fewer obstacles you'll have in converting sales.

Let me know how you do with the information above! I'm happy to answer any questions you think of as you work on your business.

Lilith | Social Care @ Shopify 
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@SugarDean wrote:

so I want to build my store in Shopify and have the "SHOP" link on my WP site link to Shopify so people can shop and browse there 

For each blog that dead simplest generic approach is a button that links to your store, or products

<!-- because anchors tags in buttons are not valid HTML5 -->
<form style="display: inline" action="http://shopify.com/" method="get">

Either added per post or made part of your wordpress theme.

Also note this may be styled drastically different depending on your wordpress theme style which could have style that let you use simple <a> tags styled to look like a button:

<a class="button" src="https://shopify.com">SHOP</a>


Beyond that level of detail of what your trying to accomplish would need to drastically increase, and most likely need Wordpress expertise not Shopify as you are only using urls and not any shopify apis or libaries like the buy button.

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