Worst deal with Apliiq.com

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The worst dealings with apliiq.com Until now, the fate of the requests is unknown and they do not respond ... noting that the orders were on October 22, 2020. .. now 11/12/2020.


when I asked  DHL about my Shipping they said ..


Your package was shipped with a “DHL Packet Plus International” shipping method which typically takes 4 to 8 average transit days since its exported outset, which happened back on 11/6/2020. The parcel itself was scheduled to have been delivered to your location by “Kuwait Post” on or before 11/18/2020. We are sorry to say that it will “not” be delivered at its destination at this point. You’ll be able to verify this information through our official website (Webtrack), with tracking number 20201104184557061TD2MJH1 at: https://t.co/3Ci8OzaTFr
Because of that we need to ask you to please contact your merchant (the store where you purchase the item from), so they can provide you with a prompt resolution, whether that is a refund, a replacement, or something else according to their policies. Please accept our apologies for the inconveniences caused to you. Best Regards! –AD


after asking apliiq ... Ignore me

 To check my topic ... details:




They were the reason why I got problems from my clients