Wrong highlight when navigating ui-nav-menu

Wrong highlight when navigating ui-nav-menu

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Hi, Shopify has ui-nav-menu element to build in a nice system menu, however it works wrong for some reason when I navigate: in my case I go to "Manage plan" (it's alright), then I click "Help" — and here I navigate to Help page BUT highlighting stays at previous "Manage plan" which is wrong.




Have anybody encountered this? Generally it's something strange with ui-nav-menu, here folks were able to activate it only serving the app bridge script via CDN. I personally was able to enable navigation properly (with stable highlighting change) only using code like this:



const redirect = Redirect.create(app);
redirect.dispatch(Redirect.Action.APP, '/my-plans')


But unfortunatelly, it doesn't work from menu itself.
Will appreciate any thoughts.
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