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You’re invited to Autoketing Black Friday Sale - Who doesn’t love 30% off?

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Hi guys,


Autoketing Black Friday Sale 2021 has begun. From 20 November to 10 December, we’re hosting THE BIGGEST SALE of the year. Please visit Autoketing on Shopify app store to see our offers.


You get the chance to purchase all of our products with a 20 to 30% discount.


Sales Pop Master - Countdown 


$9.99/month         VS           $7.49/month

$14.99/month       VS           $11.29/month


Thank You Email - Marketing Tool


$7/month               VS           $4.99/month


Facebook Chat Box


$4.99/month          VS           $3.99/month

$7.99/month          VS           $6.39/month


Discount Master - Quantity 


$14.99/month        VS           $10.49/month


Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool


$4.99/month          VS          $3.49/month

$7.99/month          VS          $5.59/month

$10.99/month        VS          $7.69/month

$15.99/month        VS          $11.19/month


*Offer ends AT 12PM 10 December 2021 GMT +0


The more you spend, the more you save. Redeem this great deal today before the season is over.


Warm regards,



Autoketing Customer Care Manager

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