Zapiet App requires disable Dynamic Buttons: can we somehow still show/ Accelerated Payment Buttons?

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Hello Beautiful Humans

  • I'm trying to use Zapiet's "Store Pickup + Delivery" app which is compatible with Shopify OS 2.0
  • However, to use it "Dynamic Buttons must be disabled" (at the theme level) which removes the "Buy Now" button from all product pages
  • Removing the Buy Now button ensures all customers proceed to the cart page where the Zapiet date-selector lives (otherwise customer's can bypass the cart page via the product page Buy Now button and they miss the Zapiet delivery date selector)
  • My understanding is that disabling Dynamic Buttons disables all Accelerated Checkout Buttons too (site-wide)
  • Is this correct?
  • And if so is there workaround so Accelerated Checkout Buttons are still available for customers while we're using Zapiet app?
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Hello @FUCHA ,

Sandy here, from Store Pickup + Delivery 🙂

Thank you for your interest in our app !

I confirm that we aren't compatible with Buy Now button, as this button will allow the customers to bypass the cart page and so, our widget. But we are compatible with Accelerated Payments buttons ! It all depends on where these buttons are located, though.

I would recommend you to have the Accelerated Payments buttons in the cart, where our app will hide them until our widget is completed, or at the top of your checkout page. You just need to make sure that the customer will be able to complete our widget before checking out with the payments options.

You can learn more about this here :

Don't hesitate to reach out to us at, if you have any more questions.