Re: Zapiet - Have a few questions before downloading the trial

Zapiet - Have a few questions before downloading the trial

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Hey there, We are looking at trying Zapiet, but before going through the process of downloading a trial I have a few questions that seem simple enough. I've contacted Zapiet and asked, but they are not responsive (not a good sign, but still willing to give the app a go if it will do what we need). 

First, when it comes to Local Delivery, we group our deliveries by towns/neighborhoods and deliver all in that area on a certain day of the week. Will the app allow for this flexibility? So for example, zip code 12345 can only select delivery on Tuesdays and zip code 99999 can only select deliveries on Thursdays? Would it allow me to assign different delivery minimums and delivery fees for each area?

Last, when it comes to Store Pick up, we only have one location with inventory, but we have several pick up locations (other local businesses and private residences). We pack orders at our main and only inventory location and deliver to different locations that customers can pick up from. Can pick up locations be set up without needing to have inventory at the location? 

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there, 

I would like to apologise for the very delayed response - we have just been made aware of some mentions on this forum.  Going forwards these posts will come though to our main inbox for a better response time. 

I see in the post that you reached out directly and did not get a response,  I can only apologise there too we are usually very responsive via email, and we now conduct a large amount of our support via Live Chat which has brought our average wait times down considerably.  Did you go ahead and trail the app? 

If you did not but would like to give us another chance, please reach out to us directly at or start a Live Chat at  We are a learning company in that we are always looking to improve our services and our support. 

Take care,