Zapiet's Store Pickup + Delivery app not working as expected

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HI all,

Is, or did, anyone else have trouble getting Zapiet's Store Pickup + Delivery app to work properly?  My client hopes to launch next week and I am having significant problems.  For example, I've disabled shipping, but am still being presented with shipping options at checkout.  Another is that I have some products that are stocked at one location only, but when buying only those products, I am still being presented with a choice of locations for pickup on checkout.  There are other issues as well.  I'll be the first to admit I may have misconfigured things (although I have rechecked everything several times), but support isn't being of much help.  I know things are really busy right now, so have been patient with turn around times, but it isn't helpful when the answers are wrong.  My first problem was getting the app to work with our chosen theme (Editions).  Support told me it wasn't supported.  I asked for it to be escalated, but still haven't heard back.  In the meantime, when I sat down to look at the code, it actually took me about 15 minutes to figure out where to put the Zapiet code described in step 6 of their manual install procedure (since confirmed by Pixel Union).  As someone who used to run a global technical support organization, even this I forgive - it isn't easy.  

One of the problems I might be having is that I don't understand what, if any, dependancy the app has on pickup and shipping settings in Shopify.  I'd be very appreciative for any advice or wisdom people can offer.  My client wants to know tomorrow whether he'll be able to launch next week and at this point, I don't have confidence that he will be able to.

Thanks, Brad

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Did you ever get an answer to your questions about the bugs? We are having issues as well with the Shipping/Delivery/Instore Pickup. It also asks, when someone chooses store pickup, for their shipping address even though I have shipping off. I saw a code workaround on Zapiet's help center about a month ago but can no longer locate it. It is frustrating but their response to help requests are typically quick.

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Hi @bradmaybee and @sbjohnson I am also having lots of troubles with this app. It took one week to install their app into my theme and now it is really not working in a proper way. I have answers from their part but they are incomplete and they recognize that they have to develop quite a lot of things to make it efficient so now I am studying possibilities and I would like to know if you have found any solutions.


Thank you in advance,


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I have not yet found a solution. 

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Welcome to the hell of Shopify Apps! I'm also having a lot of troubles with many different apps, some are not working together, some are not working with my theme..

In my opinion this system of apps has something that is not working in its core. And the apps doesn't seem to be very well designed, but I think it is more a bad design choice from Shopify.

If I compare this to Wordpress for instance that also have a plugin system, it is working way better, you can install tons of plugins and you site is still working well. 

To answer you question more precisely about Store Pickup and Delivery I also had a lot of issues. Some settings were not working, the app broke my store after an update... But the team was very reactive and always fix my issues in a day. But I'nm thinking of developing my own app for that purpose.

Nevertheless, as a developper, I would not recommend using Shopify. The company I'm working for made that choice and are still paying the price. First of all it is very expensive and has a lot of hidden costs, I'm talking about the apps that none of them is free. Second you don't own the code, nor the database, so you have to  rely on Shopify features or apps. And if nothing fits your need you are screwed up. 

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we're also having issues where none of the rates are populating for the local delivery / pick up options. We've added the API token for our last mile delivery partner, but the only rates that appear are those through our FedEx carrier account. Shopify blames Zapiet and vice versa. So now, we're stuck. Would love help if anyone has found resolution for this.