Zapiet's Store Pickup + Delivery - need to configure for a small subset of products

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Has anyone used Zapiet's Store Pickup + Delivery and managed to configure it so that it only activates on a small set of products?

Basically, our client will be selling the majority of products in a traditional way - order 24/7 and delivery 2 to 3 days. 

About 6 of their products need to be packaged on a Thursday and special shipping for Friday collection, hence installing this app.

The thing is, the app is active for ALL products. How do we configure it to only work on the 6 or 7 products it's needed for? If anyone else has come across this and can help, much appreciated...


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What do you mean by selling the majority of products in a traditional way ? Please note that our app can offer all three methods, Store Pickup, Local Delivery and Shipping

Your requirements, order 24/7 and delivery 2 to 3 days, are settings that Store Pickup + Delivery can be configured. 

We also have features that will allow you to have a product based preparation time or have a different date availability for the Shipping. The Shipping can also be the only method available for a collection, with the help of our Conditional Activation feature.

I will share with you a few links here, to learn more about these options :

Don't hesitate to contact us back at, if you have any more questions or need assistance in configuring our app to fit your needs