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Zapiet Store Pickup Autofill Error In Cart

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Hello all,

I recently installed the Zapiet store pickup + delivery app, and have everything working great as I am about to launch my store. However, I am running into one major issue in the cart, and am curious if anyone found a workaround. Basically, when you choose store pickup after adding an item to the cart, and start the checkout process, the app automatically adds the store pickup address to the first screen. The problem is this is editable. My main issue is when asked for an email to start checkout, my chrome suggests an auto-populate (which I assume most people would use) and it changes this store pickup address to one of my saved addresses, basically making the app unusable. Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone found a solution? 

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Hey Jason! We'd be more than happy to help you out if you message one of our support team members at 🙂 

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We've been struggling with Shopify. We have products that can be shipped but we have in-store only products that we cannot ship. But when we place a NON-Shippable item in the cart, we were still given the "shipping option" on the checkout page. We were told by shopify support that we should use the Zapiet pickup and delivery app that would give the customers the option for pickup and shipping in the cart BEFORE checkout. That works. And if a customer tries to order a NON-Shippable item, Shipping is disabled. That's good. But when they take the in-store pickup option, they select the pickup date and time,  but when they proceed to checkout, the "pickup information" appears and is pre-populated by Zapiet. The Address is good but the wrong STATE appears. I've contacted Zapiet who said it was a problem within Shopify as they have no control over the checkout page. But I have been battling with Shopify for over a month, getting messages to at least 12 different customer support agent who tell me always the same thing:

- we can't replicate the issue

- Try to clear the cache on your browser

The customer is not supposed to fill in the Pickup information fields. Zapiet pre-populates them. When the customer tries to proceed, a message appears: Enter a valid ZIP / postal code for Wisconsin, United States (But the pickup location is not in Wisconsin.) The state is wrong but how do you expect the customer to know that?

I've tried everything they told me and it doesn't work. I still have the issue. Could anyone help me????