Checkout extensions, how to develop in a team, environment.

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We have a team that will be working on our checkout extensions and functions. I find the process very confusing. We use git to backup our code for other projects. Having messed around with checkout functions, I have a basic understanding of deployment, very basic.


But we need to know how we should develop in a team, where we may need any of our remote workers to deploy an app, and then have other members make updates to the same app and make subsequent deployments.


We have two websites where we will be releasing these apps, both shopify+, one for testing and the other for deployment. We are a high-volume site, and can not afford errors on our live instance. How should we develop to protect our main site, yet make changes that we can preview in our development instance? 


Note we have very complex code that calls API's, well kind of complex, that needs testing before release. It is not simple labeling and messages.

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