Checkout UI Extension "Looks like you need access to this dev store"

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I am creating shopify checkout ui extension with NPM i have latest shopify CLI and having this error every time and only with checout ui extension all other extension seems to be working fine for me.

Here is the error below.

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> checkout-ui-shopifyplus@1.0.0 dev
> shopify app dev

✔ Dependencies installed

Using your previous dev settings:
- Org: Enigmatic Solution
- App: checkout-ui-extension-umer
- Dev store:
- Update URLs: Always

To reset your default dev config, run npm run dev -- --reset

Success! The tunnel is running and you can now view your app.
✔ URL updated

Shareable app URL

╭─ error 
│ │
│ Looks like you need access to this dev store (checkout-ui-testing) │
│ │
│ • Log in to the store directly from this URL. If you're the store owner, then that direct log in should solve your access issue. │
│ • If you're not the owner, create a dev store staff account for yourself. Then log in directly from the link above. 


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