Creating an app with a checkout UI extension ( NOT post purchase extension )

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Hello all,

I have followed the documentation for creating an app and creating an extension. I have followed shopify's documentation and have successfully implemented a theme app extension in the shopify product reviews git repo. After following carefully, I have succeeded on everything except for the post purchase template, I connected the post purchase extension and installed it, however my code is not being implemented on my storefront post purchase. I have read on other documentation that I need to "Shopify extension serve" which states "No available ports found to run extension", how can I fix this? I have ran extension register, extension connect, extension push etc...


This brings me to my next problem, what I am really trying to do is to customize the checkout page using the @Shopify/checkout-ui-extensions and extending shopify.extend("Checkout::Feature::Render"....) and am running into a lot of questions as the "Get started guide" is a private google docs that requires permission to access. To my questions:


1. Where in my file system should my checkout extension UI code be implemented?

  • Does it go inside the extension folder or inside the app root pages folder?

2. Does the checkout UI extension extend only a specific extension point? If so, which one(s)?

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For your first question about avaiable ports: this has been reported before. See this issue for details and pointers to resolution information.


For your second question about different checkout extension points: Checkout extensions other than post-purchase are still under development and are not available for public use yet. Stay tuned for details in 2022 about these new features becoming available.

Jarthorn | Shopify 
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