Dealing with routing inside embedded Shopify React app

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I have a Shopify app built using React, the Shopify CLI and App Bridge. I seem to be having issues with routing to subpages. For example https://{store}/{appname} works without issues. But a URL like this "https://{store}/{appname}/{subpage}" throws an error. The route doesn't seem to be handled as the subpage does end up in the asPath field of the props.query, but in the route field of props the value is "_error" as well as in the pathname field. I am currently stuck on where exactly to handle it because the workflow from the template is a little more than I can comprehend. If there's any guidance on how to successfully handle routes with App Bridge, that would be lovely. Only actual info or steps please, not links back to The Shopify documentation is too fragmented to be helpful when you are facing issues.

Mnisi V
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