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Deploying to AWS

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I used the latest Shopify app Node App Template with CLI 3.10.1 and need to deploy it to AWS. However, I cant find any docs to help me to do that. Previously I was able to do that when Shopify was using Next but the latest version uses Vite and I am not sure how to deploy it to AWS for my app submission. 


NOTE: when I run Shopify build, it only created dist folder under web/frontend. Vite doc says that the backend is not required. Does this mean i only need to work with that newly created dist folder and it includes everything i need for my app? (sounds too good to be true)


To recap:

1. Does dist folder(created during yarn build) include everything I need for the deployment?

2. Is there a tutorial that will help me to deploy to AWS?



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Hi @Davit 
Did you figure this out? How to deploy Node+React shopify-cli app on AWS?

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if you were able to solve the problem and still can't perform the shopify depligue in aws ?