Embed a local (WebGL) page as an iframe - 400 Bad Request

Embed a local (WebGL) page as an iframe - 400 Bad Request

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Hi everyone,

I was looking everywhere but didn't get a solution yet.

I am trying to embed a WebGL page as an iframe into my shopify app. I created the shopify app with app-bridge with the shopify CLI as a react app.

The WebGl page is in the same directory as my shopify app. Everytime I try to load the html into an iframe I get a "400 - Bad Request" error and the following output in my console:


I also get this when loading just a test.html with only text. This is the iframe code I am using:

<Iframe url="test.html"

Sometimes the app first loads in a new window, before returning to the admin panel and embedding the app. When this is happening, I can shortly see that the html is correctly loading. So I am assuming that's something connected with app bridge.

I would be happy if someone could help.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @TenEyes 

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Did you finally find a solution?

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